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In the Canyon

April 17, 2016

In the Canyon

Back in Paria canyon, there was a quicksand incident. Dan found himself sinking into the wet sand and we ran over to him.  I gave him my trekking pole to help him get out.

When we arrived at our campsite, the walls were over 1,000 feet above us. We camped on a sandy bench above the creek under large cottonwood trees.

The next day, we walked nine miles down Paria Canyon, walking through the ankle-deep to knee-deep water much of the way. In the morning, the walls of the Canyon were monumentally high. In the afternoon it opened up more.  We had to walk around some large boulders that had fallen into the canyon bottom. At one point, Cheryl's leg sank all the way into quicksand and she had to be helped out. The walls were covered with natural abstract art colored with orange, white, black and mostly reds.  We followed animal tracks in the wet sand including deer, possible desert sheep, coyotes and bobcats.  We were likely seeing the tracks of mountain lions We camped on a bench with nice large cottonwood trees with very green leaves.  In front of us were very high walls fractured chaotically in every direction. The creek water was silty and known to be polluted by upstream agriculture.  So we got our water from small pools seeping up from springs in the fractured rock walls.