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Hiking History

June 2, 2008

Hiking History

(Hikes done more than once are not repeated)


Chasm Lake (RMNP)
Beckwith Pass – Castle Pass Loop (West Elk Wilderness)
Storm Pass (West Elk Wilderness)
Sharptail Trail
Keyhole on Longs Peak (RMNP)
Caribou Pass (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Horseshoe Lake (Byers Peak)
Lake Evelyn (Byers Peak)
Lonesome Lake (Holy Cross Wilderness)
Conejos Trail/Conejos Peak/Blue Lake/Continental Divide/Middle Fork/South Fork Loop (South San Juan Wilderness)


Halls Creek Narrows (Capitol Reef NP)
Lower Muley Twist Canyon (Capitol Reef NP)
Upper Muley Twist Canyon (Capitol Reef NP)
Henry Lake (Fossil Ridge Wilderness)
Waterloo Gulch (Collegiate Wilderness)
Harenstein Lake and Browns Pass (Collegiate Wilderness)
Bear Lake – Ute Pass – Gilpin Lake – Lake Katherine Loop (Mt. Zirkle Wilderness)
Lake Ann (Collegiate Wilderness)
Bottle Pass – Bottle Peak (Byers Peak Wilderness)
Bison Peak (Lost Creek Wilderness)


Rollins Creek Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Grizzly Helena Trail – Red Canyon – Rainbow Lake loop – (Mt. Zirkle Wilderness)
Upper Slate Lake (Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Lamphier Lake – Gunsight Pass (Fossil Ridge Wilderness)
French Creek Basin – Mount Harvard (did not summit) - (Collegiate Peaks Wilderness)
Mount Yale (did not summit) - (Collegiate Peaks Wilderness)
Seven Lakes (Mt. Zirkle Wilderness)
Needles District – multiple hikes (Canyonlands National Park)
Medicine Bow Peak (Wyoming)
Vasquez Pass (Vasquez Pass Wilderness)


Brookside-McCurdy Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Signal Mountain
Zimmerman Trail – Flowers Trail – Comanche Peak (Comanche Peak Wilderness)
Goose Creek Circuit- (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Mount Belford – (Collegiate Peaks Wilderness)
Macey Lakes - (Sangre de Cristo Wilderness)
Gibralter Lake – (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Booth Lake – (Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Blue Lake (Rawah Wilderness)


Music Pass - Sand Creek Valley Lakes (Sangre de Cristo Wilderness)
Link Trail - Medicine Bow Trail – McIntyre Trail (Rawah Wilderness)
Buchanan Pass (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Kaibab Trail from North Rim (Grand Canyon)
Queens Garden – Navaho Loop (Bryce Canyon)
Roosevelt Lake/Beartrack Lake (Mount Evans Wilderness)
Abyss Lake (Mount Evans Wilderness)
Rosalie Trail/Rosalie Peak (Mount Evans Wilderness)
Rosedale Peak (Mount Evans Wilderness)
Brown Lake (Commanche Peak Wilderness)
West Creek Falls
Ralph Price Reservoir
Windy Peak (Lost Creek Wilderness)
North Bald Mountain


Byers Peak (Byers Peak Wilderness)
Emmaline Lake (Commanche Peak Wilderness)
King Lake, Bob and Betty Lake, Skyscraper Reservoir and Woodland Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Crater Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Chicago Lakes (Mt. Evans Wilderness)
Trap Park Bushwack to Iron Mountain (Neota Wilderness)
Montgomery Pass (Rawah Wilderness)
Estes Cone (RMNP)
Fern Lake and Odessa Lake
Deluge Lake (Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Oh Be Joyful Pass Shuttle (Raggeds Wilderness)
Dark Canyon (Raggeds Wilderness)
Yule Pass (Raggeds Wilderness)
Lake Agnes
Little Bookcliffs Loop
Pettingell Peak/Herman Lake
Horsetooth Rock
American Lakes/Thunder Pass
Kroenke Lake (Collegiates Wilderness)
Twin Cones
Mt. Machebeuf
Thunder Lake (RMNP)
Bluebird Lake (RMNP)
Jasper Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)


St. Charles Peak (2001)
Troublesome Access Trail – Haystack Creek Loop
Donner Pass and Lookout Mountain
Lake Mitchell and Long Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Lake Isabelle (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Caribou Mountain (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Pawnee Pass (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Ptarmigan Peak (Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness)
Lake Helene (RMNP)
Pitkin Lake (Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Missouri Lakes – Fancy Pass Loop (Holy Cross Wilderness)
Copper Lake – Copper Pass (Maroon Bells Wilderness)
Snowmass Creek (Maroon Bells Wilderness)
West Maroon Trail (Maroon Bells Wilderness)
Lost Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
St. Louis Peak/St. Louis Lake (Byers Peak Wilderness)
Lenawee Mountain
Dominguez Canyon Trail
Rattlesnake Canyon
Heart Lake/Rogers Pass
Crozier Mountain
Cloud Peak Wilderness (Big Horn Mountains – Wyoming)


Stormy Peak Pass (Commanche Peak Wilderness)
Diamond Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Rollins Creek Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Baker Gulch – Bowen Gulch Loop (Never Summer Wilderness)
Andrews Tarn (RMNP)
Lumpy Ridge – Gem Lake Loop (RMNP)
Upper Cataract Lakes (Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Green Horn Mountain/Bartlett Trail (Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness)
Willow Creek Lakes (Sangre de Cristo Wilderness)
Square Top Mountain
Pawnee Buttes
Sheep Mountain
Beaver Creek Canyon
Niwot Ridge/Niwot Mountain (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Deer Creek Trail (Mt. Evans Wilderness)
Sand Dune National Park
Blue Lake (Rawah Wilderness)
Mt Elbert
McCurdy Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Greyrock Mountain
Curly Peak


S. Arapahoe Peak
Maxwell Falls
Mount McConnel Trail (Cache La Poudre Wilderness)
Mt Bierstadt (Mt. Evans Wilderness)
Mills Lake/ Black Lake/Glacier Gorge (RMNP)
Flattop Mountain – Snowshoe (RMNP)
Trapper Lake – Wall Lake – Chinese Wall loop (Flat Tops Wilderness)
Commanche – Venable Loop (Sangre de Cristo Wilderness)
Herman Lake
Mount Sherman
Watrous Gulch
Monument Creek
The Crags
Mt. Herman
Lost Park (Lost Creek Wilderness)


Ben Tyler Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Lawn Lake (RMNP)
Eccles Pass (Eagles Nest Wilderness)
Maroon Bells Circuit (Maroon Bells Wilderness –Frigid Air, West Maroon, Buckskin, Snowmass Passes)
Deer Mountain (RMNP)
Gibson Lake
St. Vrain Mountain (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Shelf Lake
Hanging Lake
Baldy and S. Almagre Mountains
Mt. Sniktau
French Pass/Bald Mountain
Mary’s Glacier
Loch Vale (RMNP)
Sky Pond (RMNP)
Pear Lake (RMNP)


Mt. Audubon (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Devils Thumb (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Arapahoe Pass (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Craig Park (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Colorado Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Wigwam Trail (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Beaver Meadows – Beartrack Trail Loop (Mt. Evans Wilderness)
West Branch – Rawah Lakes Loop (Rawah Wilderness)
Ypsilon Lakes (RMNP)
Bierstadt Lake (RMNP)
Emerald Lake (RMNP)
Jewel Lake (RMNP)
Gunnison Canyon descent from north rim ranger station
Rich Creek – Buffalo Meadows Loop (Buffalo Peaks Wilderness)
Royal Arch
Twin Sisters (RMNP)
Bierstadt Lake (RMNP)
Pawnee Pass (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
James Peak (James Peak Wilderness)
Lawn Lake (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
North Monument Creek Loop
Lion Gulch Trail
Crag Crest Trail
Castlewood Canyon
Waldo Canyon
Mohawk Lakes
Columbine Lakes (Indian Peaks Wilderness)
Devils Head
Georgia Pass – Mount Guyot
Ptarmigan Lake
Greys Peak
Bear eak

Other Colorado

El Dorado Park Trails
Eldorado Canyon
Most trails in Golden Gate State Park
Most Jefferson County Foothill Trails
Most Boulder and Boulder County Foothill Trails

Pre – 1996

Most trails in Shenandoah National Park (Virginia)
Many trails in George Washington National Forest (Virginia)
Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness (Virginia)
Most trails in Dolly Sods Wilderness (West Virginia)
North Fork Mountain (West Virginia)
Franconia Ridge Loop (New Hampshire)
Mt. Chocorua (New Hampshire)
Ricketts Glenn State Park (Pennsylvania)
Mount Nittany (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (Pennsylvania)